Monday, August 3, 2009

this is my start !

When you want to save some time, its never a good idea to do something your not so good at and do 2 more things at the same time!
This weekend i went out and took the dog out for his run. We have a 4 month old husky and 2 kid!i took one kid in the baby stroller, with the dog out,.
On rollerblades!!!
This was a disaster waiting to happen.
i figured that i didn’t want to lose 1 hr more if my bf decided he was feeling good enough to my parents place.
He was feeling sick the night before and he was still asleep when i went out on my off we go, im ok on rollerblades if im holding on to something.. but the problem is the dog.let me tell you when i dog takes a shit,. he definitively stops ! and he doesn’t advise you..
Giving you a moment to think, ok i got to brake cause he’s about to poop !so i glance back and i see him starting to crop down and i only had time to turn my head back, and i got the wipe lash from letting the stroller go and turning around in all my glory and falling flat on my butt ! at lease the stroller got to the side of the road and no one was hurt except my pride !
so what i can say I’ve learned from all this..
let the dog in front of you so you have a couple of seconds to realize that your doggie is about to pull out the big stuff

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